My parents never knew what I did, once my bedroom doors closed. I was drawn to drugs quickly. Temporary relief from my some-what happy smile. I was a master at my own destruction. I lead my mom to buy into “I know she has troubles, but she can’t be that bad”, type of attitude, because I was willing to watch her be naive while I was hurting, because deep down, I knew she couldn’t help anymore. I had been through just about every type of program there is to offer. I didn’t believe in them. I remember the fear i felt, in having to go to another Utah ROTC program, or a wilderness program… While it was apparent my change in attitude wasn’t all too hidden from the prying eye of my mom, I knew, these programs gave me more incentive to my demise rather then my growth. I reached the insight program at age fifteen, after all my stunts (which i ended progressively worse then the self destructive teen at home), and I at first expected it to be, the expensive white walls, with unrelatable therapist, and counselors who could never really give me the advice I needed, but lined the professional work with nice buildings. And what I received was far more expensive, then the prior Utah/Georgia/Montana/Arizona five star treatment centers. I gained a reason to believe my life was still worth living. Something clicked for me that day, and i have contemplated the reasons why over and over inside my own head. After many years, (coupled with alot of growing up), i finally understand why…. because they were real, and because they really cared. The counselors and staff, are based off the purest forms of love i’ve ever seen. They breathed light into what seemed a very hopeless case. I can only wish your children, if allowed, have the same chance I was given…. I’m an adult now, and the memories and people who i call family this program has gave me. More importantly, they gave me my life back, and a daughter back to my mom. Today I have my assosciates degree and am looking at my options for out of state colleges to get my degree. I live the dream because of this program, and I am grateful to my mom every day that she found somewhere I could call my miracle for so many years. I was lost, and through insight, I found me… the best me.

Carl G, March 7, 2013

My son was 16 years old when he entered the Insight Program after a 32 day stay at an inpatient residential facility. We had been on a 3 year, downhill spiral, that began with smoking marijuanna. In the beginning, I did not know if his behavior was “typical teenage rebellion” or something more serious. Boy, was it more serious than I could have imagined! Unbeknownst to me, prior to being admitted to the inpatient facility, he had progressed to smoking pot every single day, experimenting with cocaine, xanax, heroin and triple-c’s. He had been suspended from school for smoking pot before class and subsequently expelled. His driver’s license was suspended. I had been such an involved and “aware” parent and couldn’t believe this was happening. Our family unit, which includes a step-father and two younger brothers, had disentregrated before my very eyes. Although we’d been in counseling for years, nothing seemed to help. ,,As we were preparing for him to be released from inpatient, we had to make arrangements for family counseling, group therapy and individual counseling. I struggled to find a one-stop shop that could accomodate all of our needs. Then I stumbled upon Insight, called and talked with Matt about how unmanageable our lives had become. After our initial conversation, I knew Insight could offer us exactly what we needed. The day after my son was released, he attended his first Saturday night function with Insight. Of course, leaving my 16 year old with people that I didn’t know went completely against every way I’d tried to parent in the past. I figured what I’d done up until that point had not worked, so I reluctantly gave in and let him stay and allowed a stranger to bring him home later that night. My son returned home after midnight, sat down in a chair, and smiled. It was the first genuine smile I’d seen in years. He explained that he had never felt so much love and acceptance before, and was astounded at the fact that it had come from complete strangers! ,,We have now been with the Insight Program for almost a year. While we’ve certainly hit some bumps along the way, my son picked up his one year chip from AA last week. I have been participating in the weekly parent meeting and it has truly given me a new perspective, attitude and resolve. Insight has given us all hope — hope for a future free of mind altering chemicals, free of fear, free to accept our son, disease and all, for the wonderful young man he is becoming. ,,If you know someone who is struggling with addiction issues, please call Insight. It may go against every aspect of your prior parenting techniques, but it works if you let it. I truly believe that my son would not have stayed sober had we not found Insight. I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know that both he and I hold the tools we need to get through anything.

Claire T, March 7, 2013

My son joined Insight as he turned seventeen in June of 2009 after exiting a residential treatment program. Prior to joining Insight we had battled with his drug problem since he was fifteen. He had been arrested on drug charges and was facing felony charges. Our lives were a mess, we were living in chaos and did not know what to do but knew that we were losing our son to drugs. Insight was our last hope. Thankfully, he was excited about the group and loved it from the beginning. I joined the parent group and neither of us have ever felt as loved, understood and accepted as we have at Insight! The parents and the kids have become like our extended family. Now, two years and three months later he has completed his 24 months of probation, requested to have his charges expunged, received his GED, is living in an apartment, working full-time with plans to attend college within the next year, is dating an awesome girl that he adores and will be graduating from the program in October 2011. In the beginning I used to wish this would just all be over and I could fast forward to the end. But what I did not realize was that we had to go through the process to heaI and get to where we are today and I would not change a thing. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to our family, as crazy as that may sound! It has changed our lives forever! Thank God and Insight for giving our son back!!!

Mary M, March 7, 2013

Our son called us from college and told us that he had been drinking alot and smoking marijuana even though he had promised us that he would and could quit. We had already gotten the name of Insight from a psychiatrist that we knew. In her words -“do you want a posh place in Utah or a tough-love program that will work” – obviously, we wanted a program that would work. Fortunately, our son had reached a bottom on his own, without any legal problems that so many families have had to deal with. We went to Insight and met with Glen. Our son decided to join the program. I have said over the past months that I have my son back – the son I would have had if he had not gotten involved in drugs and alcohol. Insight has made such a difference in his life as well as my husband and mine. We didn’t realize just how unhappy we all were. We attend the parent meetings and enjoy helping others as we were helped when we first came. The love and friendships we enjoy being a part of Insight, is something we all cherish.

Drake J, March 7, 2013

I was born on May 11 1986 and I lived a normal life. I was a good kid with good grades and I rarely got into any trouble. I started getting high when I was 15. I started smoking bud and drinking a lot right off the bat. I jumped straight into xanax and ecstasy in just a few weeks and did it every weekend. On prom night in tenth grade I tried cocaine for the first time and from the night on my life went downhill. I knew that I was about to have one hell of a ride. From this point forward I snorted and/or smoked coc. everyday for two years. Everynight I wondered why i was doing this to myself. I would come home jacked up and steal some of my dad’s beer and drink myself to sleep. On nights that I couldnt get beer I would just drink bottles of Nyquil. My life sucked and I was miserable everyday. My parents split up in November of 2003 and I went even more downhill. I had a close encounter with the cops and that was when things started to come to an abrupt end. I had been up for three days and I was on my way to school when I had enough I guess. I called my dad and told him that I was messed up and I needed help. I came home and we headed to meet a counselor with the Insight Program. I came in expecting a white coat and glasses and I got a really awesome dude that smoked and got to me in a way that no one else could. I was in from day one. I met the group and never looked back. I turned my life around with the help of God and friends. I changed completely and i will forever be grateful to my parents for bringing me here. I also want to tell my outpatient how much I love them because as much as I lied and tried to push them away they never turned there back on me. My O.P. Counselor was/is the best. I now have 2 years sober and lovin life. I Love Yall

Zach D, March 7, 2013

It was almost 2 years ago when my brother hit the bottom. After a long time of drug abuse, he wound up in jail at the age of 16. My parents had been struggling with his addiction, what to do about it, and their own denial for quite some time. My dad would spend hours researching what kind of help would be best for him. They had exhausted drug therapists because he wouldn’t listen or talk. He had stubbled upon a book called “Along the Yellow Brick Road” and read it, eventually marking certain pages with post-its. At this point, I had thought that my brother and dad’s relationship was over. There were no words between them except harsh ones and my mom, trying to be the rock, got the worst of it all. Finally, when my mother refused to bail my brother out of jail immediately, she made the decision to give him a choice; get help or stay in jail. He admitted he had a problem and chose help. The next day my parents and brother went to a Tuesday night meeting. The first month was rough for him but today, almost having 2 years sober, and myself having gone to 2 gratitude meetings, can safely say that my brother has taken the initiative to change his life and helped the lives of others. He would have never seen himself as a role model to others 2 years ago and now he is mine!

Sharon M, March 7, 2013

This program changed my life in so many diffrent ways. I was heading down the wrong path using drugs. I started using drugs at 14 teen smokeing weed on and off but when i hit 10th grade i started going to parties and smokeing more and more bud. Then came the pills, there wasent a day that went buy that i dident get high. I could not go to school sober i had to be high or i would leave and get high. at the end of my 11th grade year i started to smoke crack and it sucked me in. all my money went toward crack. with in two months my parents thought something was up with me. i got busted with a stem and that was the lowest part of my life. everything i had was taken from me. i told my mom i needed help and that my cousin was in this program. as soon as i came in to the program i knew this place was for me so far it has been the best thing to ever happen to me and the people here have so much love for one another. my dream is to one day become a counsler. love all you peeps!!!

Anne L, March 7, 2013

My story is pretty similar to many peoples on here. I started off when i was about 10 years old. I always said i had limits on the drugs i had used. The loneliness i fell kept getting stronger and stronger. At the age of 13 i had my first experience with speed. It was my birthday and i smoked crack. Loving the speed got greater and then i tried meth. I didn’t even know what it what it was i called my friend later that night and asked what i did. From then on out i fell deeper and deeper into the escape. I finally got caught and was sent to a rehab. By this point in my life there was nothing stopping me. I left after three days of treatment. Six months later with the passing of my father i finally hit rock bottom. I was sent to a hospital for suicide. A counselor meeting with me there changed my life. From the second i got out i headed for insight. Coming in 86 pounds, desperate and broken. My life has made a complete 180. I have a life i could of only dreamed of. Sponsoring people. having 18 months sober and not turning back has been such a great reward. Insight has truly strengthen my relationships with family and friends. Love you guys and have a great day

Mark L, March 7, 2013

This program is the only reason my life is worth living today. I used to have so much hate toward everyone i knew, all because of things i’d done. I’d gotten myself into so much trouble. I been expelled, had the cops at my house multiple times, been put in another rehab, and stolen a car and broken into a gas station stealing whatever i could. this program really helped me to live a happy life, it shows people how to lead good lives and stay sober.

James C, March 7, 2013

I never thought we would be telling our story here. We are a normal loving family, church oriented, always involving our kids in everything we do. We try hard to be good role models. So when our oldest son got a bit wild in college we talked with him and hoped he would grow out of it, remembering we were a little wild then too. But our son didn’t grow out of it. He eventually moved into a house with college friends and started a downward spiral which, over a couple of years, ended with him being arrested twice, for DUI and then public drunk.There were many red flags and warning signs during that time, some of which we acted on and some we ignored.It didn’t seem possible that our golden child could be in so much trouble. Finally we couldn’t ignore it. The second arrest left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he needed HELP, and FAST. Our youth pastor knew about the Insight program from some other families in our church and he immediately recommended it . We did an “intervention” after practicing all day and night, and our son was more than ready to get help. He had been afraid for a long time that he wasn’t going to make it much longer. We secretly had had the same fears. We met with Glen and our son saw the people at the “shop” and decided that day he needed to be in this place. He had been reluctant to go into a program recommended by a church person, didn’t want a cult of do-gooders, but what he saw during his first visit convinced him he would fit right in. And he did. I saw the unconditional love and sense of community , of helping the new guy because the other group members helped you when you were new. He understood the rules, very simple and straightforward. This 12 step adapted program has turned our whole family’s world around. Our son has embraced the concept and doesn’t look back. He is still our beautiful golden boy, sweet, and with all his original quirks! Only now, he is making so many right decisions with the help of the counselors and “winners” in the program with him. We for the first time in years are starting to let our emotions of love and hope come back awake, after so long of keeping them dormant. We realize this is a lifelong thing for him and for us and we are so grateful to this program for showing him and us how to turn things

Mary K, March 7, 2013

I discovered Insight by reading a chapter from “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road”. One of my son’s psychologist had copied a chapter and gave it to me to read. After reading that chapter, I went on the internet and located the book. I read the entire book and noticed at the end of the book there was a phone number to call if you were interested in knowing more about the program. When I realized that there was a location about four miles from my house, I felt that God had answered by prayers. I called Glen and set up a meeting with him. I told my son and his father about the program, however, my prayers were not to be answered so quickly. My son had not yet reached his bottom, and it was not until one year later, and two arrest, did my eighteen year old son decide that he needed help. He met Glen and immediately joined Insight that night at the Monday Night Meeting. He has been sober for exactly one year, two months, and twenty days. Yesterday was Mother’s Day. He called me and said that he had something for me. He joined our family at a Mother’s Day Cookout and gave me the most wonderful gift a mother could receive. It was a card that said, “Thank you for all the support you’ve given me. I love you more than you will ever know.” I have my son back. Thanks to God and Insight.

Robin P, March 7, 2013

After a 7 years of using drugs and alcohol, several shrinks, counselors, treatments, warrants for my arrest, probation offices, mandated A.A. meetings and getting kicked out of school for beating up a teacher (to name a few), My parents had had it. They took me to the final shrink, and long story short told me to get sober or change my last name. I did not get sober. Several months later, I found myself in an A.A. meeting, writing a letter, addressed To Whom It May Concern; because I had no one left. The letter was a suicide letter. I had lost all hope and had truly given up on life. I believed at that point that God was laughing at me. For some reason, I had a moment of clarity. I remembered someone from Insight speaking at my high school. They told a story that was very familiar to me. The basically “read my mail.” I believed that maybe the people at insight could help me. I went to my parents and asked them for help. I was at insight on Monday. I was so scared. I remember talking with Clint Stonebraker on my first day. He some how helped me to believe that I was worth getting sober. That I was worth loving. That I could get sober, and my life would get better. I believed that man, and I didn’t know why. I began using the tools that I learned in treatment. I struggled a little between 3 & 4 weeks sober because I was having so many feelings. After that my life has never been better. I have 13 years sober. I not only am alive, I love my life. The steps work. I am eternally grateful to the Insight Program, the staff, the steps and for the Enthusiastic Approach- which is why I remembered Insight in the first place. I still go to A.A. meetings, work the steps, and use ALL of the tools that Insight gave me. They provided the foundation and the support that I needed so that I could have my life today. For that I will always be grateful, and ALWAYS tell every kid struggling with drugs and alcohol and every parent who wants help to go to Insight. Thanks for everything.

Jean C, March 7, 2013

I stumbled upon Insight when was 14, more interested in a couple of girls I knew that went there than sobriety. I was doing a lot of acid, drinking daily, and very angry at just about everything. For a few years of my life, the only way I felt happiness (relief) was when I was drunk. I had been seeing several psychiatrists, and was on a few different prescriptions. People seemed to think that if I understood the dangers of drugs, the people I was hurting, the potential I was throwing away, that it would motivate me to change. I couldn’t care less. I think people being shocked at the things I was doing just triggered more rebellion rather than “scaring me straight”. There were some sober moments where I hated myself for hurting my family, but could quickly go back to being angry with them. The thing I found at Insight was that I was talked to like a person rather than a 14 year old that didn’t know what he was talking about and needed to listen to his parents. I could trust the other kids there that used to get high like I did, and they all seemed to enjoy being sober and trust these counselors – so I tried it. The staff actually listened to me (when I would talk) and seemed to care what I had to say rather than cut me off to tell me how wrong I was, or how stupid what I was doing was. Up until that point that had been my experience with adults. It wasn’t until I felt listened to that I realized how much I had to say. There was a lot I needed to talk out. I was connected to hope. It’s easy not to care what happens when you don’t have any, and at that point I started to care. I never thought I would actually want to be sober because it was better. Insight introduced me to 12-step recovery in maybe the only way I would have listened. I still use a 12-step support group today to maintain my recovery. I will have 12 years sober this month. I am married, have a career, and still have fun being sober. My family healed as well. My parents went to the parent meetings the whole time I was involved, and our relationship healed and the love in our family was restored. We still have a great relationship and spend time together often. I will always be grateful for my experience in Insight.

Peter P, March 7, 2013

Insight saved our son’s life. We had tried every conventional means of treatment and were continuing the downward spiral of despair. He tried to stop the drugs and self destruction but wasn’t able to. And the doctors, counselors, medications and hospitalizations didn’t help for long. We came to Insight broken and hopeless. Our first conversation with Will gave us a little hope and our son related to the other kids. They had all been in the similar situations when they arrived. We went to our first parent support meeting and met parents with the same desire to help their children. They told stories that sounded very familiar and comforting in knowing their children had overcome the effects of drugs. They opened their hearts to our whole family. I called to talk, cry and ask advice anytime of the day or night. And the advice came from their experiences and most importantly from the love for their own child. We learned to work the program ourselves. It has given us our son back in a relationship I didn’t think was possible with a teenager. We are amazed at the dedication of the counselors. We meet with the counselors weekly for 9 months and called 3-4 times weekly. Will or Shannon always called back and helped us through the crisis. Will is on call 24/7 for the kids and parents. Insight has given our son tools he will use throughout his life. The 12 steps are specific for teenagers. Before Insight family meals were strained and short. Now our family dinners and get togethers are pleasant and frequent. We have always loved our son and now we love our times together.

Sean, March 7, 2013

My son was 19, returning to his apartment from a party, when he hit a concrete mailbox and tumbled down the road like a beachball, crushing his car. It’s a miracle he survived uninjured. With great reluctance, he entered the Insight program. For a time, he resisted the love of the group. But the counselors have amazing wisdom and let him find himself within the group. When he began to experience sobriety and having friends who are sober, he began to appreciate and embrace the personal honesty and responsibility that are such core values at Insight. My son has nearly two years sober now. I could not be more proud of him, because I know what he went through. I’m a recovering alcoholic myself.

Trisha, March 7, 2013