Young Adult / Teen Drug Rehabs in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

Georgia Locations

Address: 5110 Old Ellis Pt.
Roswell, Georgia 30076

Tel: (770) 751-8383

Fax: (770) 751-7282

Address: 1139 Senoia Rd.
Tyrone, Georgia 30290

Tel: (770) 751-6334

Fax: (770) 751-7282

North Carolina Locations

Address: 920 Blairhill Rd.
Suite B-103
Charlotte, NC 28217

Tel: (704) 679-9600

Fax: (704) 679-9602

Address: 103 Towerview Court
Cary NC 27513

Tel: (919) 679-7577

Fax: (919) 378-9701

Florida Locations

Address: 13944 Lynmar Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33626

Tel: (813) 575-5075

Fax: (813) 640-0804

Why choose our young adult & teen drug rehabs?

  • The Insight Program’s approach to substance abuse and drug addiction treatment specializes on the unique needs of teens and young adults.
  • We are a family owned program – all of our rehab programs offer individualized treatment plans where discharge decisions are made based on progress, never finances or health insurance status.
  • We offer a variety of treatment options, including intensive outpatient programs, individual counseling, and residential rehab in Georgia (young adults) or residential treatment in Arizona (teens).
  • We offer unparalleled long-term support after the treatment process – with Aftercare options and support groups for young people and parents. Our goal is to help young people attain and maintain long-term sobriety.
  • The alumni from our rehab centers’ treatment programs report improved mental health, family relationships, and abstinence from drugs or alcohol.