The Insight Program

Successful Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Teens and Young Adults

A Message From Clint Stonebraker, Owner and Executive Director of The Insight Program

We at The Insight Program are closely monitoring the developments with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It is of utmost importance to maintain public health and safety while providing care to our clients and families. There are several steps we are taking to respond to this situation and will continue to make changes as needed. These steps include:

  • Adjusting meeting schedules in Atlanta to reduce group size
  • Adjusting function schedules in Atlanta to reduce group size
  • For all North Carolina groups no gatherings of over 50 people
  • Cancellation of upcoming large functions
  • Increased monitoring of office cleaning and disinfecting at all Insight facilities
  • Providing hand washing guides in all offices
  • Discouraging sharing of drinks, and food

At this time we will not be cancelling any of our counseling services or meetings. We will continue to closely monitor this situation through the CDC and the WHO and follow applicable recommendations. If you have any other questions please contact any of our offices. For more information on COVID-19 including symptoms and safety measures, please consult


The Insight Program is a drug and alcohol treatment center serving young people ages 13 – 25. Our drug treatment programs, alcohol treatment programs, opioid treatment programs are designed to meet the needs of this age range and to support their families in the process.

The Insight Program is committed to the idea that addictions and substance use disorders are serious problems and should be treated as such. Insight is a private program which is twelve step based and offers residential, sober living, and intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment options. We also offer voluntary support group meetings and sober social activities for 18 – 30 months. Drug and alcohol abuse affects the entire family and therefore offers family counseling and support groups for parents. Insight has treatment facilities in Atlanta,Georgia, Peachtree City, GeorgiaCharlotte, North Carolina, Raleigh, North CarolinaGreensboro, North Carolina, and Tampa, Florida.The Insight Program has been in operation since 1987. Insight’s continues to be the most successful rehab program for teenagers and young adults because of its unique understanding of the issues that lead young people to abuse drugs and alcohol. Insight’s focus on family issues with recovery also sets it apart as the leader in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field.

For today’s youth, the pressure to get involved with drugs and alcohol is inescapable. It has become a major part of youth culture. At Insight, we believe that the key to getting kids to stop using is to show them a way of life without drugs and alcohol that is better than what they had when they were using. We call this “Enthusiastic Sobriety.”


  • Providing an environment that is both safe and attractive
  • Creating effective treatment and after-care plans
  • Educating family members on addiction issues
  • Empowering clients to gain self-awareness
  • Devising long term follow up programs

Reasons to Call the Insight Program

Call The Insight Program for a free evaluation if you have noticed that your young person has:

  • A decline in school or work performance
  • Missing or skipping school
  • Loss of interest in common activities (athletics, music, hobbies)
  • Dramatic change in physical appearance
  • Changes in friends/reluctance to introduce new friends
  • Secretive OR sneaky behavior (a lot of time spent in their room behind locked doors)
  • Missing money
  • Angry or aggressive outbursts
  • Regularly withdrawn or depressed
  • Becoming unusually forgetful
  • Changes in sleeping patterns