Dr. Steven Jaffe, M.D.

Clinical Director

Steven L. Jaffe, M.D. has been a pioneer in the development of treatment programs for substance abusing adolescents and young adults.  He did his undergraduate studies at the Johns Hopkins University and attended medical school at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He completed a pediatric internship at UCLA  and  a psychiatric residency at the Mass. Mental Health Center where he was a teaching fellow at Harvard Medical School. A child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship was completed at Emory University.

Presently, Dr. Jaffe is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Emory University and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Morehouse School of Medicine. Dr. Jaffe consults to three adolescent/young adult substance abuse programs: Atlanta Insight Enthusiastic Sobriety Program, the Nelson Price Adolescent Substance Abuse Program,  and Recovery Outfitters. In addition.he is a psychiatric consultant to the National Football League. He received the President’s Award from Community Psychiatric Centers, Teaching Award from the Georgia Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and was named ‘Psychiatrist of the Year” by the Georgia Psychiatric Physician’s Association.

Dr. Jaffe has authored numerous papers and book chapters including the adolescent substance abuse chapters in the textbooks of child and adolescent psychiatry and the adolescent treatment chapter in the ASAM Textbook. Dr. Jaffe’s two workbooks structure treatment for substance abusing teens. The Step Workbook for Adolescent Chemical Dependency: A Guide to the First Five Steps integrates psychiatric issues with 12-Step programs modified for adolescents. The Adolescent Substance Abuse Intervention Workbook: Working a First Step uses motivational interviewing principles to look at negative consequences of drug use. Dr. Jaffe has been Visiting Addiction Professor at the University of Hawaii and has given lectures and workshops throughout the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Steven Jaffe, psychiatrist working with The Insight Program.