Counselors for Young Adults and Teens

Substance Abuse Drug and Alcohol Counselors for Young Adults and Teens

The Insight Program provides individual substance abuse counseling for teens who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol issues. Weekly individual counseling appointments can help a teenager recognize the potential dangers of substance abuse. These sessions can also assist in determining the depth of the drug or alcohol problem. Individual counseling may be an important step in preventing a more serious substance abuse issue. In some cases individual counseling can be a vital first step on the path to recovery.

Our drug and alcohol counselors specialize in working with young people and their families. This includes adolescents (ages 13-17) as well as young adults (18-26).

Our substance abuse counselors provide young people with

  • Weekly one hour counseling sessions.
  • Weekly treatment plans containing actionable steps young people can take
  • May be used for prevention, or addiction counseling
  • May be a first step toward higher levels of substance abuse treatment
  • Enthusiastic 12 step based counseling
  • A chance to be exposed to recovery
  • Assistance to teenagers in dealing with peer pressure and other issues

Individual Counseling For Parents

Parents or family members with a child who may have substance abuse issues face tremendous pressure. Finding solutions or developing strategies to face the problem at home can be challenging. The Insight Program can provide individual counseling for parents who are experiencing these difficult circumstances. Counselors can help parents build a plan of action to support the teenager experiencing substance abuse issues. Parents also gain access to others in a similar situation who can provide empathy and solutions.

Parents involved in our individual counseling will also have access to our parent support groups for families of addicts / substance users.

All initial evaluations are free. If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, or showing signs of substance abuse, get in touch with us today!