Young Adult & Teen 12 Step Meetings in Atlanta, GA

Meeting Details

These 12 step meetings for teens and young adults are held twice per week on Monday and Thursday evenings in our Atlanta coffee shop.


Monday and Thursday nights
7:30pm - 9:00pm


5110 Old Ellis Point, Roswell,
GA 30076


Teens aged 13-17
Young Adults aged 18-25

A group of happy teens in recovery grabbing arms.
A group of teens in recovery sitting next to each other.

This young adult and teen 12 step group in Atlanta holds meetings twice per week and focuses on developing a new way of life without drug abuse. These meetings emphasize learning to have fun without substances, developing new peer relationships, and recovering from substance use disorder over the long term.

Our meetings are on Monday and Thursday nights in the same coffee shop that we use for our support groups for young people.

All meetings are voluntary, peer-led, and attended by our substance abuse counseling staff.

Meeting topics include:

  • Applying the 12 steps to daily life
  • Improving self-worth
  • Having fun in recovery
  • Friendships and connections in recovery
  • Taking ownership
  • Emotional coping skills and mental health
  • Handling peer pressure
  • Higher power
  • Service to others
  • And many more!