Solutions For Teen Drug Abuse: How To Find Help

Are there real solutions for teen drug abuse? There is no denying the real difficulty in finding effective answers. Although it is impossible to fully address this concern in a short article, there are some simple steps anyone can take to start the process of finding and participating in a solution. By ending denial, understanding why teenagers abuse drugs and becoming aware of how to seek help, a number of desperate kids can be truly helped.

Drugs Ain’t What They Used To Be

Denial is different today than it was in generations past. It used to be centered on a “not my kid” way of thinking. Today, many parents of teenagers used drugs excessively themselves. A prevailing attitude at times is, “I partied a lot in high school and college and I turned out okay. He’ll grow out of it.” The fact is, drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers has continued to increase. The danger is the drugs being abused today are much more potent than twenty-five years ago. Those who manufacture legal and illegal drugs have become progressively more sophisticated. To assume a teenager will moderate his use over time is a much more dangerous proposition now than ever. Any parent who is aware of his child using drugs of any kind would be wise to seek an evaluation from a professional who truly understands adolescent substance abuse.

Why Do Kids Get High?

Kids essentially get high because it is fun and feels good. It is true that there are often underlying emotional issues but this is irrelevant in helping a teenager stop using initially. Any alternative to drug and alcohol abuse must provide a similar degree of fun and good feeling or it will not be effective. Teenagers thrive on entertainment. If an adolescent with a drug problem is going to respond to any therapeutic approach, it must include an element of enthusiasm.

Where Do I Turn?

There are a number of resources¬†available to any concerned parent or adult. It is never an over-reaction to convey concern to a child using drugs or alcohol. Look for a program or a counselor who specializes in working with adolescents. Don’t believe that an adult approach will be appropriate, it rarely is. Take the time to do thorough research. If a program or counselor can’t establish rapport with an adolescent, it simply will not be successful.

Remember, kids are motivated by what is fun and feels good. Treatment or therapy does not have to be somber and punitive. Find someone who truly understands the issue and has real answers. There is no quick fix or miracle cure, but there are people who understand and can help your teen.


About the Author

Clint Stonebraker, the executive director of the Insight Program.
Clint Stonebraker has worked in the substance abuse treatment field since 1987 and has been the owner of The Insight Program since 1993. Clint Stonebraker has overseen the expansion of Insight into Greensboro, Charlotte, and Raleigh North Carolina as well as growth in the Atlanta area. Clint is committed to providing quality care to individuals and families affected by substance abuse.

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