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By Published On: December 1st, 2015Categories: News, Teen and Young Adult Substance Abuse

 Some of you may have heard of a program called Full Circle but may not be sure what it is. FullCircleis an enthusiastic sobriety program much like Insight and Step 2.The primary difference is that Full Circle is a free community based support group set up as a ministry serving families with teens/young adults struggling with a range of issues including substance abuse, addictions such as gambling, pornography, depression, promiscuity, or eating disorders.  Many families have been affected by addiction and help is often difficult to find. Full Circle

Full Circle was started in Tempe, Arizona by Father John Bonavitacola at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church. Father John recognized that there were not enough programs available for young people and that many people had nowhere to turn. Not everyone is able to afford treatment programs and there aren’t a lot of options for adolescents. Full Circle has been able to create a program that is a ministry of the church while using the enthusiastic sobriety philosophy. 

Primarily, FullCircle operates a staff-facilitated 12-Step based Enthusiastic Sobriety support group for young people struggling with a variety of issues. Support group meetings are held a minimum of two evenings a week for young people and weekly for parents. Meetings for teens/young adults are fun and enthusiastic, centered on topics, which address all areas of change: physical, emotional and spiritual. These meetings are tailored to be easily understood and applicable to young people specifically, addressing their needs.

Weekend events are designed for fun and fellowship. Often young people have a difficult time making friendships on a principled basis or finding friends that will support their new life of recovery. The weekend activities exist to aid teens in forming relationships with their peers based on honesty, love for their fellow man and service to others. Both the support group and weekend activities help provide a safe place for young people to grow and overcome their unique challenges.

In the past year Full Circle has expanded to Kansas City, Missouri at Christ the King Catholic Church. Currently we are in discussions to open a program near Philadelphia, PA. Hopefully more parishes in more communities will see that Full Circle is a program that meets the needs of young people struggling with serious issues in a way that is attractive and fun. To find out more about Full Circle, go to

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