Why Enthusiastic Sobriety? How Insight Works

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The Insight Program utilizes Enthusiastic Sobriety™ as its approach to substance abuse treatment for teens and young adults. Enthusiastic Sobriety™ is based on the belief that in order for substance abuse treatment to be effective for young people, it must be fun and feel good. Substance abuse is a serious problem affecting thousands of young people and families across the country. This problem has been increasing for decades. By utilizing Enthusiastic Sobriety™ as its treatment philosophy Insight provides a program that reaches young people where they live.

Enthusiastic Sobriety™

Why “Enthusiastic?”

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, which means “divine inspiration” or “to be inspired.” Young people are often looking for ways to be inspired and enjoy life. Drug and alcohol abuse usually starts as the result of wanting to have a good time. Young people who develop substance abuse issues use and drink to the point of obsession. When a teenager stops using there is  a tremendous void left. The young person who abuses drugs and alcohol uses in away that has affects socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Recovery must be able to meet the young person’s needs on all these levels. Most importantly, the solution has to be fun and feel good.

Enthusiastic Sobriety
The 12 step approach is designed to help an individual abstain from drugs and alcohol by providing emotional coping tools through spiritual principles. This can be difficult for young people to grasp. 12 step recovery was started by adult alcoholics to reach people who have suffered serious consequences as the result of drinking. Teenagers and young adults may not have experienced adverse effects from drug or alcohol abuse. In the young drug abuser’s mind getting high is still fun. It is not uncommon to think the problem would go away if other people would back off. Due to this mind set it is vital for the young person to see sobriety as attractive and fun. If a young person in recovery enjoys the recovery experience the chances of long time sobriety are greatly increased.
Young people thrive in passionate environments. Drug and alcohol treatment should be able to provide valuable instruction along with a gratifying experience.Enthusiastic Sobriety™ aims to produce this result.

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