Alycea Vega

Alycea Vega grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Alycea was introduced to drugs and alcohol at age 14, and had trouble with the legal system and getting sober since she was 15. Alycea joined the Insight Program in 2016, and continued to struggle obtaining sobriety. Alycea has been through two rounds of Intensive Outpatient, Step Two, and Step One while attending The Insight Program. Alycea obtained continuous sobriety in 2017, and graduated the program in 2018. Alycea has been dedicated to giving back and working with young people since completing Counselor Training in 2018. Alycea is working towards obtaining her hours to become a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology.

Alycea Vega is one of the substance abuse counselors in our Atlanta, Georgia location.