Kevin Kayden, CAC I

Senior Counselor / Intake Coordinator

Kevin Kayden was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia and has been in long term recovery since age 20.  Kevin was in and out of the legal system in his early and late teens in the Cobb County area while struggling with his own addiction to drugs and alcohol. Because of his struggles with drugs and alcohol as a teenager and young adult, Kevin is able to relate with both teenagers in their high school years and young adults in their early college careers with the difficulties they face with substance abuse.

Kevin is currently the Senior Counselor of The Insight Program and has been dedicated to working with young people in the metro-Atlanta area for the past 6 years.  Kevin currently lives in the Cumming area and is happily married to his wife, Rachel.

Kevin Kayden is the intake coordinator for The Insight Program in Atlanta, GA.