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Mental Health, Anxiety, and A Better Life

When a person is afflicted with an emotional or anxiety disorder her issue can manifest in a number of physical and spiritual ways. Alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, cutting issues, eating disorders, and several other physical problems are clearly rooted in an inability to appropriately deal with emotions. In order for the recovery process to begin the physical concerns must be addressed. Therapy is vital for the mental health of the patient but a spiritual solution is also critical. People need hope to get well. No matter how effective a physical plan may be, there must be the promise of a better life. 

Mental Health, Anxiety, and a Better Life

We live in a culture today that celebrates physical well being as the ultimate sign of health. From diet phenomenons and trendy exercise programs that promise you your “high school waistline” to the ubiquitous material excesses of today’s world, there are constant reminders of the push to be physically superior to others. Our culture is “keeping up with the Joneses” on steroids. The obsession with vanity is a great example of an out of balance sense of priority. While many around us lose weight, develop muscle, and get “just a little tuck to hide the crow’s feet,” families are falling apart at an alarming rate. Adolescent insecurity no longer ends in the senior year of high school it seems to extend to the 40s and sometimes 50s. As long as men and women are hyper focused on the condition of their (and everyone else’s) bodies at the expense of their emotional and spiritual health emotional disorders will continue to skyrocket. Balance isn’t always easy but it is certainly necessary.

The challenge we all face as human beings is coming to terms with what is ultimately most important. In this regard no one is perfect and nobody has all the answers. What is clear is we all need an opportunity to take a step back from the minutiae of day to day life to assess our spiritual condition. 

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