Young Adult and Teen Rehab Center in Atlanta, GA

About the Insight Program in Atlanta

The Insight Program is a teen addiction treatment / drug rehab program in the Roswell / Alpharetta, GA area. We specialize in working with young adults and teens through drug addiction, substance use, and co-occuring issues.

In order for teens and young adults to achieve sobriety, it must be better than getting high! Using our unique approach to substance abuse treatment for young people, we have been helping young people get sober for over 3 decades!

Services Offered in Atlanta

  • No cost substance abuse evaluations for 13-25 year olds
  • Intensive outpatient programs for teens and young adults
  • Residential treatment programs for young people
  • Individual drug and alcohol counseling
  • Weekly parent support groups
  • Drug and alcohol support groups for teens and young adults
  • Weekly sober social events

Who We Serve

We serve young people and their families in the greater Atlanta area: Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming, Marietta, Kennesaw, Canton, GA.

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Teen & Young Adult IOP - Residential - Support Groups




Mon: 10am - 5pm
Tue: 10am - 5pm
Wed: 10am - 5pm
Thu: 10am - 5pm
Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

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Our Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment for Teens

Our Roswell drug rehab program for teens and young adults utilizes an approach to that is unique in the substance abuse and addiction treatment world. Because young people are in a unique point in their lives, we find they don’t respond as well to traditional forms of treatment.

Young people have a unique need for social connection, acceptance, and fun, our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation focuses on providing young people with a fulfilling, supportive social experience. We program weekly sober social events as well as assisting young people with developing new, sober social connections.

Similarly, we assist parents in connecting with other parents who have been through a similar situation in their lives through our young adult / teen rehab center’s parent support groups and family counseling sessions.

Weekly Schedule of Events in Atlanta

Each week, we host the following evening events, aside from our normal schedule of IOP substance use treatment sessions on Monday through Friday.

  • Monday and Thursday Nights – 12 step meetings for teenagers and young adults
  • Thursday Nights – Parent support group meeting for parents of teenagers and young adults who use drugs
  • Friday and Saturday Nights – Weekly sober social activities (the events will change week to week, details are announced in the Thursday night parent support group meetings each week)

Note: The schedules above are subject to change, please call ahead if you have any questions about the specifics of a particular evening’s events.

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Recent Reviews of The Insight Program in Roswell, GA

The Insight Program
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Shelly LammShelly Lamm
23:04 22 Apr 24
The Insight Program has been an amazing experience for our whole family. The support, tools and self confidence our young adult son has received is invaluable. He is doing outstanding in his recovery and enjoys the outpatient support and functions and has legitimate connections with many young adults and counselors. My husband and I have learned so much through the counselors and the parent support meetings. It's been very uplifting and encouraging listening to other like-minded parents going through these obstacles and it is so helpful for us knowing we aren't alone.
The Insight Program helped our young adult child and our family through a tough tough time. The experience of the staff is valuable and needed when navigating the horrors of addiction. We learned tools and skills needs to best assist and support our young adult child during recovery and ourselves as we properly support and heal. Our child is now living their best life and we are so grateful. It was not easy, but with the support of Insight we made it through.
22:19 16 Feb 24
I cannot say enough good things about this program. The counselors are excellent at what they do, and nothing else exists like this for teens and young adults in recovery. This is not a "finish rehab in 30 days, good luck seeya " program. It helps young people actually learn how to live a sober lifestyle and build a sober peer group. Insight has changed our daughter's life and put her on a new path in life, and has turned our family around as a whole.
Belle WilmerBelle Wilmer
00:29 05 Feb 24
This program is different and works well because it builds a community for the kids and young adults struggling with addiction. Their parents are also provided a community. Through these avenues, The Insight program fosters peer role models which helps the those dealing with addition acquire new friends and opportunities to learn different coping strategies. The support group for the parents is also an integral part of recovering from addiction. Through the parent support group parents connect with other parents who have been on this journey before them and find support. Additionally the program offers ongoing support over a 2 year period which allows recovery to gain traction promoting real change.
Alicia FarnumAlicia Farnum
17:49 06 Mar 23
Insight has been a blessing for our teenage daighter. Therapy along with a strong peer group has helped her focus on her sobriety. Kids need other kids who are like minded willing to helpOne another.
Teresa ShenTeresa Shen
22:03 13 Jan 23
The Insight Program provided a second chance for my teenage son. He is now clean and sober for almost 9 months. Nothing is easy along the way but the program provides much-needed meaningful connections and network for him to reply on when he needs guidance, encouragement and acceptance. The program not only provides help for the children but also parents for us to grow in parallel. Skills of living with an addict child are learned and practiced. The weekly parent meeting, Step study, parent phone list, and numerous events help tremendously in deepening the connections and to learn how to not only hold up well with grace in challenging life events but thrive. The Insight Program is one of a kind. Many methods are seemingly against common intuition but are proven highly efficient in saving children with addictions. “We walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7). The Insight Program is godsend.

Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Counseling Staff