The Insight Program

Roswell / Atlanta Drug Treatment Programs and Drug Counseling for Adolescents and Young Adults

A drug and alcohol treatment room for young adults.

Atlanta program phone number: (770) 751-8383

Atlanta, GA office location:
5110 Old Ellis Point
Roswell, GA 30076

The Insight Program’s oldest and most established recovery program location is our Roswell, GA office which serves the greater Atlanta, area. We are the top rated drug and alcohol treatment program for adolescents and young adults in Georgia – we specialize in meeting the needs of this unique age group through addiction and co occuring issues. This Atlanta substance abuse recovery center serves clients from Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming, Marietta, Kennesaw, and Forsyth County, Georgia. Please contact us today and we will match you to the appropriate level of care.

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Our Approach to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Insight’s recovery program uses an approach to that is unique in the drug and alcohol addiction and mental health rehabilitation world. Because young people are in a unique point in their lives, we find they don’t respond as well to traditional forms of treatment. Young people have a unique need for social connection, acceptance, and fun, our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation focuses on providing young people with a fulfilling, supportive social experience. We program weekly sober social events as well as assisting young people with developing new, sober social connections. Similarly, we assist parents in connecting with other parents who have been through a similar situation in their lives through our parent support groups and family counseling sessions.

Substance Abuse Services Offered in Atlanta

Roswell Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Our Roswell / Alpharetta drug treatment center for teens and young adults features intensive outpatient treatment rooms, individual counseling offices and a coffee shop that is designed to allow young people a safe place to connect with each other, have fun, and grow in their recovery. This is also where many of our weekly sober social events take place.


Weekly Schedule of Events in Atlanta

Each week, we host the following evening events, aside from our normal schedule of IOP substance use treatment sessions on Monday through Friday.

  • Monday and Thursday Nights – 12 step meetings for teenagers and young adults
  • Thursday Nights – Parent support group meeting for parents of teenagers and young adults who use drugs
  • Friday and Saturday Nights – Weekly sober social activities (the events will change week to week, details are announced in the Thursday night parent support group meetings each week)
  • Note: The schedules above are subject to change, please call ahead if you have any questions about the specifics of a particular evening’s events

Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Counseling Staff

Matt Meyer is the program director of our Atlanta substance abuse rehab for young people.

Matt Meyer, CADC, CCS, CAC – Program Director

Brandon Ribolin is one of the counselors for our Atlanta drug treatment programs

Brandon Ribolin – Adolescent Senior Counselor / Intake Coordinator

Rachel Kayden is the young adult Intensive Outpatient rehabilitation treatment counselor in our Atlanta, GA location.

Rachel Kayden, CADC – Adolescent and Young Adult Peer Support Counselor

Kevin Kayden works directly with our young adults in residential drug and alcohol treatment

Kevin Kayden, CADC – Young Adult Senior Counselor / Intake Coordinator

Dewayne Luevano works with our adolescents and young people in treatment as an outpatient treatment intern.

Dewayne Leuvano – Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Counselor

Nick Rebholz – Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Intern

Kate Gottman is the administrative assistant and associate counselor in our Atlanta drug and alcohol treatment program location.

Kate Gottman – Administrative Assistance / Associate Counselor