Young Drug Abusers Need Security

By Published On: April 11th, 2015Categories: Teen and Young Adult Substance Abuse

Young drug abusers in recovery need security.Today’s world is not necessarily kind to teenagers and young adults trying to stay sober. Far too often when young drug abusers look for help they receive negative judgment or false promises of quick fixes. Teenagers rely on the security that comes from knowing where they stand. When walls are either illogical or non-existent, insecurity undoubtedly follows. For a parent, or other adults in a position of authority, the ability to clearly communicate to a young person is vital.Teenagers and young adults do not deal well with ambiguity. They must  have somewhere to turn to get solid direction. Without strong walls drug abusing young people are lost.

Walls For Teenagers

Who’s In Charge?

The first step to providing security and stability at home is a close examination of what is important to you as an adult. With all of the influences kids have available, they still look to their parents first. One problem is that parents abdicate their power by focusing on unimportant issues. The more complicated the set of rules at home the more likely it will be that the child will look elsewhere for guidance. Not all young people respond to the same structure in the same way. Young drug abusers certainly break the common molds. When there are so many regulations that no one can remember them all, what gets lost is the focus on the relationship.

Relationships Provide Security

People depend on connections to feel secure. The most important relationships are those with our family. When something as destructive as drug and alcohol abuse infiltrates a home everyone suffers. There are countless parents who desperately want the opportunity to change the relationship with their son or daughter. Some will never have the chance. When a parent decides to provide walls at home they risk the relationship. However, the security that comes from a teenager knowing where he or she stands increases the likelihood that the relationship will heal.

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