The Problem Is Emotional, The Solution Is Spiritual

By Published On: June 10th, 2015Categories: Recovery Tools & Tips, Spirituality

The problem is emotional, the solution is spiritual. Most issues human beings suffer from are rooted in some form of emotional dysfunction. In drug and alcohol treatment the substance abuse issue is in some ways the easiest to deal with. Once an individual is able to abstain from any and all mind-changing chemicals he can begin to see the extent of damage caused in his life. The real challenge for a drug or alcohol abuser is taking the necessary actions to clean up the wreckage of the past and build a new life rooted in fundamental spiritual principles. This won’t happen if the addict isn’t sober and the addict won’t stay sober without changing his life.

 The Problem Is Emotional, The Solution Is SpiritualIt has become common for people to grow up in broken homes. It can sometimes seem a rarity for a child to have a parent at home. Many adults seem to rely more on strangers for the upbringing of their children than on themselves. What is at the root of emotional dysfunction? Do we really need to ask that question?

  • How many kids are exposed to, and become regular consumers of, pornography before reaching a reasonable level of maturity?
  • How many kids begin using and abusing drugs and alcohol in their early teens?
  • How much is God or spirituality discussed in the home?
  • How much time does the family spend together?

These are all vital questions that must be asked in order to accurately assess any emotional disorder. Without all the information it is impossible to appropriately treat anyone suffering from any sort of deficiency in coping with life.

Spirituality can be a difficult topic of conversation. However it is something that must be discussed when seeking meaning in life. For those dealing with substance abuse the willingness to delve into spiritual health can make the difference between long term recovery and failed attempts at sobriety. 

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