Sticking With Winners in Recovery

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Sticking with winners is a vital step in Enthusiastic Sobriety™. A positive peer group is necessary to show a young person how to succeed in substance abuse treatment. Teenagers and young adults place a lot of value in the opinions of friends. It is through this influence that most young people begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Positive fellowship provides an individual with security and guidance.

Who Doesn’t Want To Be Cool?

A common misconception is that young people begin to experiment with drugs and alcohol because of deeper emotional issues. Although significant disorders may make the problem worse, the initial motivation to get high or drunk is usually rooted in a desire to be accepted by a particular group. The pressure to be cool is powerful in adolescence. No one wants to feel like an outsider. It is impossible to determine whether someone who tries drugs or alcohol will develop a serious problem. What is clear is that the desire to gain approval from friends is a significant driver.

The Insight Program

Sobriety Through Attraction

Sobriety must be attractive to young people. One of the tenets of Enthusiastic Sobriety™is the existence of a group of young people excited about recovery. The energy created by an exciting group of teenagers helps any substance abuser to see sobriety from a different perspective. To most young people who drink or get high, the idea of abstinence from mind changing chemicals seems impossible. The concept of sticking with winners helps a young person develop trust with friends who can guide them through early recovery. Some parents fear that spending time around other young people who are trying to recover may negatively influence his or her child. In reality it is vital to have a group that not only understands how to stay sober but also has experience with actual substance abuse.

What Is A “Winner”?

In recovery a winner is initially defined as a person who is further along in a program. As a person gains more time in sobriety the definition of a winner begins to become a little more specific depending on life circumstances. Some significant factors include:

  • age
  • education or employment status
  • gender
  • family situation

A person in early recovery needs people to admire. Having “winners” shows that it is possible to stay sober and improve in all areas of life. Enthusiastic Sobriety™programs understand this factor and work hard to meet the social needs of all young people involved.

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