Addiction Recovery Needs A Broad Approach

By Published On: July 2nd, 2015Categories: Drug Treatment & Aftercare

Addiction recovery needs a broad approach. An addict is sick emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In many ways the psychiatric and medical field still misunderstand addiction. After decades of changing treatment approaches and the continued deepening of drug and alcohol abuse, professionals still struggle to find effective techniques for helping addicts and alcoholics. The medical approach utilizes drugs to combat the physical addiction. Many of the medicines used do provide a short term solution. In fact when giving a prescription a doctor or psychiatrist will often make it very clear a drug is “non-addictive.” The problem for a person with a drug or alcohol problem is that if given the opportunity to use a drug as an aid, the addict will become addicted regardless of the physical definition.The individual believes the drug is the solution. Anything an addict takes has the potential to tap into the addictive personality. An addict or alcoholic wants to feel relief. How comfort is achieved is irrelevant to a person in pursuit of a solution. 

Addiction Recovery

When someone with a drug or alcohol problem begins to heal he will give credit to whoever or whatever provides the perceived solution. This perception is dangerous when it involves drugs. If an addict is convinced he is better through medicinal means, he will rely on the chemical crutch. This creates true addiction. Reliance on a substance to establish change sets a person up to believe that transformation is impossible without the assistance of a drug. The non-addict is at risk as well. If the non-addict relies on a drug, even if it is “non-addictive” he or she will be less likely to resolve the emotional issues causing trouble. 

The spiritual solution, finding a connection with God, is not always the easiest or most comfortable answer. However, it is the most permanent. The continued societal denial of God will create more disillusionment, confusion, and hopelessness. If people continue to believe that a drug, money, or other excesses will provide real relief, society is doomed. Medicinal intervention can open the door to changes in behavior. Far too often the sole focus is on behavior changes alone.This gets confused with real transformation. Eventually the drugs stop working. Sadly, today’s common solution is to simply change the drug. Rarely are people encouraged to seek deeper answers. For real resolution to emotional issues use the three legged approach:

  • The Physical: make the necessary physical changes to improve well-being
  • The Emotional: find someone with whom you can share what is creating emotional discomfort
  • The Spiritual: recognize that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to life and that you are loved and supported

With a degree of willingness to change and a thorough approach a person can successfully deal with substance abuse and other emotional issues. People need not struggle alone.

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